A prolonged life cycle - Lunawood

A prolonged life cycle

Lunawood has a minimal environmental impact compared to non-renewable materials, chemically treated wood and tropical hardwoods. The thermal modification process gives Lunawood a natural weather resistance for all climatic conditions without harmful chemicals.

Lunawood Thermowood is a truly sustainable product throughout its whole life cycle. The main benefits are dimensional stability and durability in all climates to ensure a long service life for the whole design. Furthermore, our prod­ucts do not necessarily need any coating or maintenance to withstand time and different weather conditions, which means they are a reasoned choice from a cost and sustainability point of view.

Carbon storage for generations

The long life cycle of Lunawood Thermowood enables our materials to act as a carbon storage from one generation to the next. One cubic metre of Lunawood stores several times the amount of CO2 from air compared to carbon emissions from its production, i.e. 700kgCO2eq/m3 CO2 absorbed from air and stored in Lunawood Thermowood.

At the same time as carbon storing, wood surfaces provide a healthy indoor and outdoor environment. Due to the thermal modification, Lunawood Thermowood products are pure, safe and hygienic for indoor use, even for allergy sufferers who are prone to wood-related reactions. Lunawood Thermowood’s total emissions are significantly lower than untreated wood. The TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) for Thermowood is 0.04 mg/m²h. As a comparison, untreated Scots pine has a TVOC of 1 mg/m²h.

Lunawood Thermowood does not secrete any resin through paints or tints. Furthermore, thanks to its resin-free properties, knots do not show through paints or tints, even over time. This feature also makes maintenance easier.

The disposal of Lunawood is easy and environmentally safe. The off-cuts can be disposed in the same manner as untreated wood. Lunawood Thermowood can be burnt like untreated wood.

Certified Quality

The Thermowood® trademark is a guarantee of the certified quality of products and operations. Durability is part of product quality. The in­ternational KOMO certificate confirms that Lunawood ThermoD -class materials meet the quality requirements set for their biological durability and production. Lunawood exterior cladding products are also CE-marked, which guarantees their performance. BRE [Building Research Establishment Limited] concludes that the expected service life of the LunaThermoD used for exterior cladding and decking will be 30 years when following the manufacturer’s guidance and best practice principles of construction.


High and stable quality enables carbon storage and sustainable design for decades.

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