Lunawood in Architecture

Lunawood Thermowood is a beautiful, durable and sustainable choice for various interior and outdoor applications. Lunawood exterior claddings, deckings, solar shades, frames and bearers have become more and more popular globally, thanks to their dimensional stability and weather resistance. Lunawood Thermowood products are ideal for architects and designers, who appreciate elegant and 100% natural wood materials.

Architect Stories

Project Ö – two designers in a desert island

Project Ö is an island in the archipelago of Finland, bought and being designed and built from scratch by two designers dedicated to creating a unique spot for themselves to escape.

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Floating Villas Dubai

The luxury bungalows are part of a 12-kilometre beach boulevard located in Dubai. Each state-of-art floating villa contain 2-4 bedrooms, an outdoor terrace and a swimming pool.  The villas feature a modern Lunawood facade and solar shades perfect for hot climate. These unique architectural structures were manufactured by Admares.

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Penafiel, Portugal

Four Houses

Private residence Lunawood exterior cladding / untreated Lunawood interior panels / painted white

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S. Pedro de Avioso, Portugal


The Chapel’s located in the rural area of S. Pedro de Avioso Portugal. The sleek line Chapel stands out for its constructive lightness. It’s elevated from the garden and paved areas around it by a concrete structure, which is inspired by the religious ascension, also underlined by the night lighting...

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Vieira do Minho, Portugal

Gêres House

Private residence Lunawood sawn timber

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