Lunawood BIM library

The LUNAWOOD BIM library provides BIM-objects and Rendering Images to architects and designers for Lunawood’s Nordic thermally modified wood products.

With these design tools, your design work can be streamlined to ensure you have the right up-to-date product information and devote more time to creative design. The library consists of Lunawood Facade Cladding, a selection of Luna SHP battens and Lunawood Decking products, all made of premium Nordic Thermo-D pine.

Lunawood BIM-objects are available in ArchiCAD and Revit downloads – free of charge for architects, designers and students globally. Lunawood Rendering Images are standard photo files ready to be used in any image editing programs to create realistic visualization.

Lunawood Facade - Cladding

Product Luna UTV Facade Cladding
Dimension 19 x 92 mm
19 x 117 mm
19 x 140 mm

Lunawood Battens

Product Luna SHP
Dimension 42 x 42 mm
42 x 68 mm
42 x 92 mm
42 x 140 mm
40 x 185 mm

Lunawood Decking

Product Luna Deck 2 Profix 2
Dimension 26 x 92 mm
26 x 117 mm
26 x 140 mm

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