Ecological Passive House, Poland

Here is what can arise when lovers of wood and nature meet.

Polish architects Przemek Kaczkowski and Ola Targonska were provided with exceptional wood to make their dream come true! An unusual home arose from their passion, determination and love for wood. House – barn – an extraordinary barn, which is in fact an ecological passive house with modern parameters and a cozy interior. Ola and Przemek decided to have Thermowood facade due its natural beauty, dimensional stability and  weather endurance.

Thermally modified wood cladding is vertically installed and gives the barn very simple feature.


Architect Przemek Kaczkowski and Ola Targonska
Location Poland
Year 2019
Photos JAF

The Rink Moscow

The Rink Cafe and the Ice rink is part of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO campus. The campus surrounding has been recognized as one of the most beautiful campus area in the world. It contains a fusion of cultures and simultaneously reflects the future-oriented nature of the school. The...

Architect Anton Saveliev
Location Moscow
Year 2019
Photos Lunawood

Peach Hostel & Suites

Peach Hostel and Suites offers a cozy accommodation in Porto, Portugal. The entrance, finished with vertical Lunawood Thermowood profiles, gives a modern and distinctive look. Portugal's hard sunshine and temperature fluctuations are a challenging combination for wood materials, but the thermally modified Nordic pine can withstand the demanding weather conditions.

Architect Miguel Ribeiro Arquitetos
Location Porto, Portugal
Year 2019
Photos Lara Jacinto

Private Apartment in South Africa

Much like trees providing shade and shelter, this private apartment in South Africa is equipped with the strength of trees: rooted in the South-African wilderness yet fortified and harnessed with Luna SHP solar shades and Luna SHP Profix 2 decking. Thermowood withstands the harsh elements of the southern hemisphere like no other...

Architect Ruben Reddy Architects
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Year 2019
Photos NPP
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