Lunawood enables you to design aesthetic, practical and structurally functional entities with natural and authentic products.  With Lunawood you can create an interior design that takes into account all the senses and the different ways to experience the space as a whole.

Our products enable harmonious aesthetic flow outside in and inside out with the same Lunawood Thermowood profile. It lets the exterior and interior spaces communicate seamlessly with each other.

Have a look and be inspired!


EV House in Portugal

"A downward topography gesture facing west, contemplating the valley underlined by the mountain on the horizon. That’s the scenario in which this project emerges, in a sequence of overlaid volumes insuperable in its monolithic character, but still permeable within, defining exterior spaces intrinsic to the indoor space.  The concept guideline revolves around...

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Stonehurst Mountain Estate, Cape Town, South Africa

Honorary Consulate of Finland in Cape Town

The climate in South Africa requires high performance of used materials. Actually, many architects in South Africa have told us that Lunawood Thermowood is the best wood product to withstand hot and changing weather conditions in South Africa. This private house operates as home, but also as Honorary Consulate of...

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Duplio, Tuusula

“We had a few clear wishes for our future home: we wanted an efficient floor plan with no wasted squares, no unnecessary lobbies or halls. Our favourites were at least a steep double ridge roof, a white facade, wood effects, a black roof, and black window sills. Fresh, contemporary, and...

Architect Tiina Sainila ja Mikko Kanninen, SAIKA Design
Location Tuusula, Finland
Year 2020
Photos Sami Tirkkonen

Bedford Center Office Interior, South Africa

From architect - “The application of Lunawood Thermowood allowed us to transform the conventional office space into a warm and welcoming environment.” Lunawood Thermowood is a modern architectural material and the combination with steel, concrete and glass creates a beautiful contemporary look with a soft, natural finish. Sustainable and chemical...

Architect Studio 121 Architects
Location South Africa
Year 2020
Photos Henk Smit

Relaxation room, Finland

Own relaxation room in the backyard is a dream of many and brings luxury to every day life. So also in a private home in Finland, where a dressing room with fireplace has been built in connection with the sauna The owner, a wood-sector professional used Lunawood Thermowood Nordic spruce...

Architect Riku Vainio
Location Järvenpää, Finland
Year 2019
Photos Sami Tirkkonen

Flor-Tex -office in India

A terrace area was supposed to be converted to a office so we used a temporary structure of about 2500 sft with a courtyard in the centre around the office, we used weathered metal sheets and used all the thermal pine wood in various sizes all over the ceilings of...

Architect Aamir & Hameeda
Location Hyderabad, India
Year 2018
Photos Aamir & Hameeda

Lynnwood Lane Retail Centre, South Africa

Lynnwood Lane is a retail centre situated on a narrow site adjacent to Lynnwood Rd, one of the main arteries in Pretoria. Lynwood Lane was conceived when the developer Lynx bought the site adjacent to Burger King and the Grove. They approached Living Planet Architects, a practice that promotes sustainability...

Architect Living Planet Architects
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Year 2019

Ikeda Japanese Restaurant, Portugal

The restaurant Ikeda, makes us travel to Japan with its Japanese origins and emphasis on Japanese cuisine. This place is focused on quality and simplicity, always favouring the taste and freshness of the ingredients. This place was designed in light of the Izakaya concept, the taverns and informal places in...

Architect Atelier MaPa
Location Porto, Portugal
Year 2017
Photos Tiago Casanova

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