Lunawood enables you to design aesthetic, practical and structurally functional entities with natural and authentic products.  With Lunawood you can create an interior design that takes into account all the senses and the different ways to experience the space as a whole.

Our products enable harmonious aesthetic flow outside in and inside out with the same Lunawood Thermowood profile. It lets the exterior and interior spaces communicate seamlessly with each other.

Have a look and be inspired!


EV House in Portugal

"A downward topography gesture facing west, contemplating the valley underlined by the mountain on the horizon. That’s the scenario in which this project emerges, in a sequence of overlaid volumes insuperable in its monolithic character, but still permeable within, defining exterior spaces intrinsic to the indoor space.  The concept guideline revolves around...

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Stonehurst Mountain Estate, Cape Town, South Africa

Honorary Consulate of Finland in Cape Town

The climate in South Africa requires high performance of used materials. Actually, many architects in South Africa have told us that Lunawood Thermowood is the best wood product to withstand hot and changing weather conditions in South Africa. This private house operates as home, but also as Honorary Consulate of...

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Reading Town

Reading Town is a religious facility located in Geumsan South-Korea.

Architect Sam Young Choi
Location Jibang-ri, Geumsan
Year 2015
Photos Sam Young Choi


Visceral and elemental. This modern house embodies contemplative contours ascending into natural light. Square House is a modern residence with beautiful Thermowood entrance. Check out the Square House in our Reference book.

Architect Sam Young Choi
Location Pangyo-dong, Gyeonggi-do
Year 2016
Photos Sam Young Choi

Sauna in Finland

Private residence Deck System Profix 3 40x185, SHP Profix 2 26x140, Parallelogram SSS 26x88

Architect Saku Heinonen
Location Lahti, Finland
Year 2017
Photos Kuvakartano

Gêres House

Gerês house is located on a steep slope in the Caniçada Valley in Portugal. The contemporary building consists of two elements, a large Thermowood volume that rests on a concrete base, which extends over the land and on the water line. The use of Lunawood and concrete extends inside the...

Architect Carvalho Araújo
Location Vieira do Minho, Portugal
Year 2015
Photos NUDO

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