Luna Layer 19x142 Brushed - Lunawood
Luna Layer 19×142 Brushed

Luna Layer 19×142 Brushed

Luna Layer 19x142 is a brushed ThermoWood® panel with an impressive feel and natural appearance of Nordic spruce. The straight edge of the panel is modern and creates a narrow shadow between the panels. The product is available in two widths: 142 mm and 188 mm, both suitable for facades and interiors. Luna Layer's brushed surface looks appealing in its original color as well as when naturally weathered outside if left untreated.
Product details
Technical resources
Fire protection
  • 100% Chemical-free and safe product for interiors
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Gains a beautiful silver color outside when left untreated
  • Low Maintenance - Does not require surface treatments when installed according to the instructions
  • Sustainable Thermowood product from Finland
  • Easy to assemble – a tongue and grooved panel
  • Resin free also in high temperatures
  • Maintaining original brown tone requires UV protected and pigmented surface treatment

Nordic ThermoWood® pour une architecture durable

Ce produit Lunawood est fabriqué avec plus de 20 ans d’expérience et de passion à partir de la forêt nordique renouvelable. Mieux encore, il agit comme un puits de carbone jusqu’à la fin de son long cycle de vie.

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