Jukola 3D textures

Jukola 3D textures –  New dimension for wood

Jukola 3D Thermowood textures combine Nordic style with sustainable design. Jukola textures are composed of specially machined, yet conventional Thermowood boards. This allows a simple and quick installation with an enormous variety of combinations of the diverse textures and patterns.
The panels are perfect for creating an unique style for private and public spaces, hotels, restaurants and offices.  Dimensionally stable and resin free Jukola 3D textures are suitable for both interiors and various exterior applications.


Wood Dream Cottages

The summer cottages feature bed ends made of Lunawood's Jukola 3D texture panels. The spot lighting brings the 3D pattern beautifully out. Jukola product portfolio includes six beautiful textures perfect for interiors and exterior applications as the material is weatherproof and dimensionally stable Thermowood. The product is also available in custom designs.

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