Lunawood Thermowood Composite

In construction, you have to have confidence in the materials used. Lunawood Thermowood Composite Decking (TWPC) is the most stable on the market due to its unique content. It holds its own against changes in temperature better than any other composite material on the market. This makes it an outstanding choice for deckings and gardens in both private and public spaces.


• MORE HIGH-QUALITY THERMOWOOD FIBRES than in Thermowood itself. TWPC is 200% Thermowood.
• DURABLE – No nutrients or resin means no wood-rotting fungi
• DIMENSIONALLY STABLE – Slight thermal expansion, ≥  1 mm/m in case of 50° C temperature change
• SAFETY – No toxic chemicals, no splinters or cracks
• ECO-FRIENDLY, throughout its entire life cycle, with 85% recycled materials
• ELEGANT AND MODERN DESIGN, with a hidden fixing system that provides easy and rapid installation.


Lunawood Thermowood Composite is three times the density of pine, and it contains more than 65% Thermowood fibre and about 20% high-quality CIRCO® recycled polypropylene plastic. The product’s high Thermowood fibre content and low degree of thermal expansion mean that it will retain its shape and size for decades to come. Luna TWPC is a long-lasting choice for decking, stairs, pools, balconies, jetties and other exterior applications.

Recycled CIRCO® recyclate 

CIRCO® recyclate is a cost-effective industrial raw material for replacing virgin raw materials. By selecting recycled plastic as raw material, we can reduce our carbon footprint and environmental load. This new generation of renewed plastic is produced at Fortum’s new and modern recycling plant that efficiently separates and cleans the materials supplied for recycling, while being friendly to the environment.

Lunawood Installation Guides
Thermowood Composite Installation video (YouTube)


The effect of UV exposure on Luna Thermowood Composite Decking

Because of the nature of the Thermowood fibre, the silver decking material in particular has a slight brown hue when new, but the colour becomes grey after exposure to sunlight as natural wood.  The initial colour of Luna TWPC decking products fades slightly during the first 6–12 weeks* of exposure to natural UV light. The final colour may vary depending on the amount UV light it is exposed to.

TWPC Products

TWPC Projects

Gustavelund Hotel

Gustavelund Hotel's role is to accommodate their customers by providing meeting, hotel and restaurant services. To provide successful meetings for their guests, the hotel opted for Lunawood Thermowood TWPC Composite and Solar Shades to deliver an unforgettable experience. The silver grey Thermowood TWPC Composite gives the location a sense of...

Radisson Blu Marina Palace

The hotel's terrace is built of durable graphite grey Lunawood Thermowood Composite (TWPC), which withstand changes in temperature better than any other composite material on the market. The terrace offers lovely views over the Aurajoki River .

Pier decking in Finland

The details really matter. This magnificent berth has numerous finely finalized details. The unique dimensional and shape stability of Lunawood Thermowood Composite TWPC enables precise finishes, miter angles and embedded details. The brushed surface is elegant and exudes a woody feel. The Graphite grey color of the Composite blends naturally...


Located in the former Housing Fair area of Mikkeli, this two-story villa of Kannustalo is a spectacular landmark by the lake. And the terraces made of Lunawood Thermowood Composite look impressive! Using a grooved side of the profile makes it sure that the terrace is not slick if damp weather....

Poolside / TWPC silvergrey

Private residence

Private Villa Plusarchitects

This lakeside villa glistering through the trees signifies simplicity and purity like no other. Bundled with Lunawood exterior profiles, deckings and thermowood composite deckings, this villa offers the perfect nature retreat. Building: Honkatalot Lunawood deckings and TWPC deckings, Lunawood exterior profiles


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