Lunawood Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is written according to the Protection of Privacy law and The European Union’s general data protection regulation.

The registry administrator:

Oy Lunawood Ltd (VAT: FI06063635)
Aleksanterinkatu 25 A
FI-15140 Lahti

Contact person in Privacy Policy issues:

Marketing Manager
Maija Masalin
tel. +358 40 828 3877
Mail address the same as above

Which data can be collected?

Data provided by the person himself or personally identifiable information:
– Name
– Email
– Phone number
– Name of the company you are representing
– Your title in the company
– Country of origin

The source of data is the person himself or participation lists from exhibitions or other organized events.


Where is my personal data used?
– managing a customer relationship, a supplier relationship, or any other relationship required to do so
– customer communication, marketing and sending newsletters
– making recruitment decisions (jobseeker register)
– the maintenance of the statutory obligations of the employee


How is my personal data maintained and protected?

All personal data is protected against unauthorized access and accidental or unlawful data destruction, disclosure, transfer or other illegal processing. Lunawood Oy stores the information inside the European Union, mostly in Finland. Servers are protected against intrusion attacks and denial-of-service attacks. When processing personal data and technical solutions we follow good privacy practices. All access to personal data is monitored in accordance with good practice.


Processing of personal data

Access to personal data is limited to Lunawood’s own employees who are trained to use the information legally. Our employees see information only to that extend as it is necessary for the performance of their duties.

All agreements with the partners have taken into account the requirements of the Protection of Privacy law and The European Union’s general data protection regulation.


Retention of data

We will only keep the data for the time required so that we can meet the uses described in this document.


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