Lunawood thermally modified timber insulating Heavy Fuel Oil Bunker tanks

Northern Tanker Company contacted Lunawood for a few years ago with an insulation challenge. We love challenges, so we caught the ball and started to investigate the possibilities to use Thermowood for insulating of Heavy Fuel Oil Bunker tanks in order to save on tanker heating costs.

With the leadership of Mr. Henry Mantsinen, Lunawood Development & Production Director we started to develop a Thermowood solution together with Mr. Tom Sommardal, Managing Director of Northern Tanker Company and his team & network.

We cracked the nut and Mr. Sommardal was able to finish the unique and patented insulation solution and drastically reduce the heating costs of the tanker.  “We can now save on heating up to 90% with this innovation and we are proud of our achievements together with Lunawood” says Mr. Sommardal. “So far we have insulated 10 tankers with Lunawood Thermowood”.

The ecological aspect fits well into Lunawood´s ecological values.

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