The official winners of Lunawood Urban Challenge 2019

Lunawood Urban Challenge 2019 called for all architect students and architect professionals to transform our urban cities. The participants were given the opportunity to lower the carbon footprint of buildings and increase healthy living with sustainable and renewable Lunawood Thermowood.

The Challenge attracted 85 submissions and the high quality of the designs challenged the jury. The three winners along with the two honorable mentions, challenged the current perception of modern urban environment and wood architecture.

There was a total cash prize of € 8,000 to reward the winning designs.
The 1st prize of € 5,000 has been awarded to Airat Zaidullin’s design “Sail”.
The 2nd prize of € 2,000 to Arthur Gala’s “Eco Extension” and the 3rd prize of € 1,000 to team “Zilant Cave”.
The 2 honorable mentions have been assigned to Aigul Sadrtdinova’s “Adapter” and to Zi Yi Chua’s “Ambiguous Play”.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you all for participating!

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Jury Committee

The coherence of this project is obvious in the presented drawings. The quality of the design appears in the proposed volumes, textures and construction methods. There is intelligence and study in the way to transform a “dead” urban area, in a very attractive and alive one. The use of the Lunawood’s digital design tools, is of obvious quality. Lunawood Thermowood is used in a real, efficient and coherent way.

1st prize

Airat Zaidullin, Russia / Sail

The expansion of the water-power plant took away the riverbank in Airat Zadullin’s’s hometown in Kazan, Russia. The area which was supposed to become a part of the new dam is now abandoned and empty, although it has a great potential due to its unique landscape. Airat Zadullin proposes using the remaining constructive elements as a base for a public space, including a cafe, workshop and lecture areas, observation decks and a yacht-club. Aimed to bring local society together as well as it reconnects nature with urban life. With the help of a wooden platform on the same level as the existing promenade, this part of the bank will be easily accessed.

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How to make something out of a rugged and inhospitable construction, to something that absolutely looks welcoming and attractive. Thermowood is used in the most practical way and in its best form. The way the extension is designed to be built is very interesting and obtainable.

2nd prize

Artur Gała, Poland / Eco Extension

For his competition design, Artur Gała chose an old shopping centre in Gliwice city, Poland. The facility is located near the train station, motorway and campus of a technical university. The main idea behind the concept is to create an extended building using Lunawood Thermowood such as decks, exterior panels, solar shades, 3D textures, posts and other wooden elements for the construction. To make it even more natural, everything is finished with greenery in pots.

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The value is in generating a constructive system from Lunawood material and the transformation of a residual space into a habitat of interior comfort. Thinking from the small scale to the large scale.

3rd prize

Elizaveta Khaziakhmetova, Guzel Khakimova, Ilnar Akhtiamov, Rezeda Aktiamova, Russia / Zilant Cave

Elizaveta Khaziakhmetova, Guzel Khakimova, Ilnar Akhtiamov and Rezeda Aktiamova chose to transform Underground Bauman Street in Kazan, Russia. Bauman Street has long been considered the main artery of the city. Historically, the underground part of the street was used as trade routes and shops. Unfortunately, few people know about this place. At the moment, the underground part is abandoned and is not used by citizens. Lunawood Thermowood profiles allow to link the architectural image of vaulted arches and the theme Kazan’s legend of the dragon cave. Underground street is divided into 3 sections. The wood profiles of different lengths are attached in three sections to the ceiling and them form a modern look of underground vaults.


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Aigul Sadrtdinova, Russia / Adapter

This facility is in the city of Kazan, Russia. “The humpback bridge” was one of the main transits of the Kirov region, but now the territory is blocked and needs updating. It has a huge potential, as it is located between the historical centers of the city. Added is a multilevel viewing platform with recreation areas using Lunawood materials.


With its sculptural quality, this project reveals innovation in the use of Lunawood Thermowood, but still within real and coherent possibilities. The urban proposal seems well-thought-out and useful in transforming forgotten structures and surroundings in a positive way. The use of Lunawood’s digital design tools, is an additional artistic quality in this case.

Zi Yi Chua, Germany / Ambiguous Play

Ambiguous Play is an urban installation which is located at Rathenauplatz, a historically significant square in connection with Goetheplatz and Roβmarkts in Frankfurt, Germany. It activates the site through aesthetic estrangement of generic urban ground as a new relational reading by injecting a strange volume that is a reminiscent of familiarity, yet it induces a new nature with its own materialization. The relational complex of walls, seating, overhead element, hills and landscape is composed through the choreographed installation for urban dweller to engage with, which unfolded into a meeting space; a playground; a threshold breaking the literal connection with adjacent street; a sheltered space.


The total transformation of the urban space assured the jury. Nature bursts with life into this urban setting and brings a possibility to the citizens to touch, feel and sense the wood. The design is interesting, and the rendering work is accomplished with high quality.

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