To participate you must be an architectural or design student, an architect or a designer by profession.
By submitting content, you confirm that you wish to enter the Lunawood Urban Challenge and you confirm your agreement to the official rules and other terms and condition of this document.


Below are the official rules.

The object of the competition is to create a 3D BIM-object design that meets the format, content and other requirements identified in the competition
headline (“The Challenge”). Lunawood BIM-objects are the main focus in the design process and can
be used freely.

The competition is open only to natural persons who, at the time of entry,
are Design or Architecture professionals or enrolled at a higher education
institution, studying architecture or design, and must be over the age of
eighteen (18) years old.

• This competition is designed to create a design event for purposes of re-designing existing public construction or spaces.
• BIM-tools from Lunawood’s BIM-library are used in the design.
• You agree to participate in this event lawfully.
• You represent, and agree that no materials you submit, upload, provide, share, publish or display (“Post”), to fulfil competition requirements, including
text, data, information, images, graphics, drawings, photographs and renderings (“Content”) infringe upon any personal or proprietary
rights of a third party.
• You may not copy, reproduce, modify, download, transfer, create derivative works, publish, display, or save any Content from the Site that you
do not own or have permission to do so.
• In the event you become aware of any potential third-party claim relating to Content posted by you as a participant, you shall notify the
Lunawood Urban Challenge within 24 hours of becoming aware of such claim at
• Lunawood shall gain the ownership rights of all submissions. Please refer to section “User materials” in Terms & Conditions for more detailed

The competition begins at May 2nd 2019 (the “Start Date“). Entries for the Competition must be received by no later than 11:59 p.m (EEST) on
June 24th 2019 (the “Deadline“).

You may only enter once for the competition. All entries must comply with the entry requirements identified on the competition page of Lunawood
Urban Challenge. It is each participant’s responsibility to ensure compliance with those requirements.

The way to enter is as follows:

• First create your Design.
• When your Design is ready to be submitted to the Competition, visit the Competition page and follow the instructions on
‘ Format & Submit ‘.

There will be a total of three main winning prizes for this competition, and all the winners receive free publicity. There will be honorable mentions
chosen based on certain criteria highlighted by the judges. The winner will be selected and published on August 28th 2019 at the page of Lunawood
Urban Challenge. Please refer to “ Prizes “ on the page of Lunawood Urban Challenge for an overview of the winning prizes.

• With participation in this competition, the participant grants a perpetual royalty-free and sub-licensable worldwide license to Oy Lunawood Ltd
(and its partners and other sub-licensees) to use any Content provided for the purposes of promoting, planning and conducting future events and
advancing Lunawood Thermowood and Lunawood’s (and partners’) other products, services and digital design tools, which may be done by way of
electronic and printed publications, educational events and other forms of public display.The aforementioned license shall also include the right to
alter the works and right to transfer the rights to others. Content posted by the participant may also be used for purposes of promoting,
planning and conducting future events.

• Lunawood assumes no responsibility for design or content posted by the participant. Backup copies of design and content are the sole responsibility
of the participant, at their own expense and cost.
• Under no circumstance shall the participant take any action against Lunawood for claims of impropriety relating to the conducting, judging,
organizing, management, and running of the competition for which the event has been created.

• Lunawood is not liable for the activities and conduct of any user of this hosted site where all entrees will be uploaded.
• Lunawood will also bear no responsibility for any loss or damage, including loss or damage to the participant’s content that may be directly or
indirectly related to any service disruption.
• The participants should not contact the jury under any circumstances.
• Lunawood and each of its directors, officers, employees, or partners are not liable to any participant, or anyone else for any indirect, consequential,
exemplary, incidental, special or punitive content damages.

• By using the Site, the participant is submitted to the laws and jurisdiction of Finland. Should the participant initiate any claim or action against
Lunawood, they shall do so only in a Finnish court of law.

• The participant in Lunawood Urban Challenge hereby accepts and acknowledges that it has no right, contractual or otherwise, to be recognized
as an award’s winner. Event winners are determined, and prizes are awarded in the sole and absolute discretion of the appointed panel.
• The participant hereby accepts and acknowledges that the panel’s decisions in selecting the awards winners are final and non-appealable.
The participant will hold Lunawood and appointed panel harmless from, against and in respect of any and all liabilities, damages, losses, deficiencies,
costs, judgments, amounts paid in settlement, interest, and penalties.