Luna Bevel 26x142 Hidden Nailing - Lunawood
Luna Bevel 26×142 Hidden Nailing
Luna Bevel 26×142 Hidden Nailing
Luna Bevel 26x142 Hidden Nailing is a premium Thermowood cladding for facades. The tongue of the product has a v-shaped groove for hidden nailing. The special feature of the product is the slanted profile, which creates visible shadows between the panels.
  • Sustainable Thermowood product from Finland
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to assemble – a tongue and grooved panel
  • Low Maintenance - Does not require surface treatments when installed according to the instructions
  • Gains a beautiful silver color outside when left untreated
  • Maintaining original brown tone requires UV protected and pigmented surface treatment
  • Resin free also in high temperatures
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