Luna Duo 32X140 3D Panel for modern batten-look - Lunawood
Luna Duo 32X140
Luna Duo 32X140
Luna Duo 32X140 is a premium 3D panel for facades, interior and other decorative surfaces. This product has a deep groove to create a modern batten-look for the surface. The installation is easier and faster than installing individual battens. It can be easily combined with Luna SHP 32X140 batten and thus maintain the same visual appearance. Luna Duo is made without chemicals from Nordic thermally modified wood and is very easy to maintain in all climates.
  • 100% Chemical-free and safe product for interiors
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to assemble – a tongue and grooved panel
  • Gains a beautiful silver color outside when left untreated
  • Low Maintenance - Does not require surface treatments when installed according to the instructions
  • Maintaining original brown tone requires UV protected and pigmented surface treatment
  • Resin free also in high temperatures
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Sustainable Thermowood product from Finland
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