Lunawood 0

Luna Profix 2 Plus

• Hidden fixing keeps the decking board dryer due to space between the board and joist (sub barrier)
• Longer lifespan of the decking
• PROFIX hidden fixing clip enables quick and easy installation of the deck and creates a clean and elegant appearance without visible screws
• By using hidden fixing, the board surface remains untouched

Material High-density polyethylene
Package size 100 pieces/package
Weight 900 grams/package
No required 2,2 clips per meter
Dimensions 35 x 20,1 x 90
Colour Dark Gray
Article Profix 2 Plus 100 pieces/package

In pursuit of an ecological and elegant deck, Lunawood Thermowood deckings come with a hidden fixing installation solution. This elegant appearance without visible screws creates consistent spacing between the boards for a flawless look across the entire deck. Luna Profix 2 Plus fixing system is suitable for year-round outdoor use ( within a temperatue range of -35 to 80°C) and enables better air ventilation for a longer lifespan of the decking.


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