Lunawood 0


The non-toxic Luna Pre-Greyed treatment offers a high-quality pre-aged appearance for exterior applications.

Lunawood Pre-Greyed provides a premium and completely natural finish. Both Lunawood Thermowood and the treatment are non-toxic. The coating consists only of natural ingredients: silicates, mineral pigments and lignin. The Pre-Greyed surface will make way to the wood’s own naturally weathered grey color after several years*. In order to have the most appealing and robust pre-aged appearance, we recommend a brushed surface. The surface treatment does not provide any protection to the wood.

  • Complete exterior cladding with even, grey color and beautifully weathered look
  • Factory treated, installation-ready product
  • No maintenance required
  • Non-toxic, no micro plastics and odor-free

*The actual duration depends on the weather conditions and amount of UV radiation


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