Four Houses

Private residence
Lunawood exterior cladding / untreated
Lunawood interior panels / painted white

PROD Arquitectura & Design
Penafiel, Portugal
Joao Morgado

This holiday house for a family of four is located in the north of Portugal. It’s shape is defined by the same number of individual volumes. They have similar dimensions but distinct orientations. Three of the volumes are orthogonally organized around a core, whilst a fourth rotates to match the direction of an existing neighbouring building. The proximity between the two constructions led to a desired dialogue.

The volumes are separated but disposed at a critical distance. It creates an interstitial space covered by a flat transparent roof and full-size windows. It is a special space with a hybrid character. This solution meets the client’s requirement to design a house with strong links with the surroundings. When moving from one room to another it allows to comfortably “walk through the leaves”.

The global coherence of the house highly depended on the material choice. The combination of local granite for the embasement, naturally weathered Lunawood on the walls and on the decking and zinc on the roof granted a rich silver homogeneity combining different tones and textures. To create a coherent interior the Lunawood panelling has been painted white.

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