Eaton Socon PreSchool in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

The current state of this preschool in Cambridgeshire is the result of an ingenious father whose child was enrolled in this very same school.

With the assistance of additional help and funding, Eaton Socon Preschool utilized Lunawood Thermowood and transformed into a natural environment, boosting the wellbeing, health and creativity of the pre-schoolers.

The exterior cladding of the premises was developed by Millworks and Devlin Architects to deliver a mix of factory finished painted, fire protected and natural weathered Lunawood Thermowood cladding.

Thermowood was chosen due to the stability and ability to take a consistent painted finish, adding to a prolonged service life.

Eaton Socon Preschool has been nominated and awarded for RIBA East Award 2019 and RIBA East Project Architect of the Year 2019. In addition, it has also been shortlisted for the Rimba 2019 award list.

Check out the Eaton Socon Preschool in our Reference book.


Used products:
19×143 finished size Lunawood, Redwood, Thermo-D, MW2 secret-fix channel cladding profile (Millworks’ own profile) Euroclass B FR treated. Vacuum-coated inhouse on site at Millworks in Ebony stain (RAL 9005)

Architect Millworks Ltd and Devlin Architects
Location Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Year 2019
Photos Maciek Platek

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