La Arboleda Community Center, Spain

La Arboleda Community Center located in the valley of Ezcaray, Spain, has Lunawood Thermowood Battens on top of the galvanized steel structure. PEFC certified Lunawood Thermowood makes the building to blend beautifully into the surroundings.

Due to the harsh weather conditions of Ezcaray village, it required a lot from the materials. The materials need to withstand strong winds, cold and snowy seasons, but also hot summer days. One of the requirements was sustainability and that is what Lunawood Thermowood is known for.

Architect Picado - De Blas Arquitectos
Location Ezcaray, Spain
Year 2017
Photos Eugeni Pons

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Floating sauna in Oslo

The contrast between old and new! This modern sauna village in Oslo Harbour is located between the Opera and Monica Bonvicini Das Eismeer. Lunawood Thermowood horizontal cladding provided by our official partner Fritzøe Engros ASF gives a beautiful touch for this contemporary sauna building which is provided by Sorenga Badstuflate...

Location Oslo, Norway
Year 2020
Photos Becky Zeller

De Haan Group, Netherlands

De Haan Group is a specialist in furnishing garden centers. At the entrance of this completely new, self-designed building you will be surprised by a large street art drawing by Einstein with tousled hair of artificial green. Everywhere in the building living green has been processed, there is even a...

Architect De Haan Group
Location RJ Waalwijk, Netherlands
Year 2020
Photos Ruud Smits / Gras Wood Wide

Lahofer Winery, Czech Republic

Lahofer Winery, founded in 2003 in the town of Znojmo, today boasts more than 430 hectares of vineyards and produce about 800,000 bottles of wine annually, which makes this one of the largest wine‑growers in the Czech Republic. Lahofer’s multifaceted wine complex offers guests a visitor centre, a tasting hall,...

Architect Chybik + Kristof Architects & Urban Designers
Location Dobšice u Znojma, Czech Republic
Year 2020
Photos Alexandra Timpau, Alex Shoots Buildings
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