Eaton Socon PreSchool in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

The current state of this preschool in Cambridgeshire is the result of an ingenious father whose child was enrolled in this very same school. With the assistance of additional help and funding, Eaton Socon Preschool utilized Lunawood Thermowood and transformed into a natural environment, boosting the wellbeing, health and creativity...

Architect Millworks Ltd and Devlin Architects
Location Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Year 2019

Villa Wambatu in Sri Lanka

This resort, located  in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka, is fun and light-hearted in its conception, and bold in its design. This resort is the most ideal holiday home. Lunawood Thermowood stained solar shades join this canopy with an enormous roof supported by colossal Palmyra palm trees. Lunawood Thermowood solar shades allow...

Architect MMP Architects
Location Unawatuna, Sri Lanka
Year 2019

Hilton Hotel DoubleTree in Italy

Located only an hour away from Venice, this hotel by Hilton blends in perfectly with the rest of Italy's historical surroundings. The hotel was cladded with Lunawood Thermowood in 2011 and eight years later, due to Lunawood Thermowood's enduring service life, the exterior cladding gave way to its robust and...

Architect DHK Architects and Studio Marco Piva
Location Mogliano Veneto, Italy
Year 2019
Photos Mark Seleen

Sauna with custom Jukola 3D texture

This engaging private sauna in Finland is finished with a wavy Jukola 3D effect wall. Lunawood's fully customized Jukola 3d Thermowood textures give a new dimension for wood, regardless of the size of the space. Jukola custom offers versatile and customized patterns, which enable even the most imaginative outcomes. This...

Architect -
Location Finland
Year 2019
Photos Sami Tirkkonen

Peach Hostel & Suites

Peach Hostel and Suites offers a cozy accommodation in Porto, Portugal. The entrance, finished with vertical Lunawood Thermowood profiles, gives a modern and distinctive look. Portugal's hard sunshine and temperature fluctuations are a challenging combination for wood materials, but the thermally modified Nordic pine can withstand the demanding weather conditions.

Architect Miguel Ribeiro Arquitetos
Location Porto, Portugal
Year 2019
Photos Lara Jacinto

Sauna at Hilton Hotel Corferias

Colombia is renowned for its world-class coffee, sought-after emeralds and now also Lunawood Thermowood. The sauna at this hotel is cladded with Luna STP 15x92 in D-class and S-class to offer a truly Finnish experience in the heart of Bogotá, Colombia. Suitable for saunas and many other interior end-uses.

Location Bogotá, Colombia
Year 2019
Photos Nordika