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Hotel Kaktus in Barcelona, Spain

These type of rooms in Hotel Kaktus are called Suite Calma. The rooms are located in one of the quietest corners of the premises. Based on this location, the choice was obvious to create large suites where the main protagonist is CALM. The rooms were designed to balance a space...

Architect Byko + Maria Gelpí
Location Barcelona, Spain
Year 2019

Private Residence in Pretoria, South Africa

Lunawood Thermowood was chosen for the decking, Solar Shade screens and pergola roofing due to its beautiful brown color and dimensional stability. In addition Lunawood was available in various different profiles and decking with hidden clip system. The country with once a record high temperature measured at 48.8 °C makes...

Architect Anthrop Architects
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Year 2019
Photos NPP

Eaton Socon PreSchool in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

The current state of this preschool in Cambridgeshire is the result of an ingenious father whose child was enrolled in this very same school. With the assistance of additional help and funding, Eaton Socon Preschool utilized Lunawood Thermowood and transformed into a natural environment, boosting the wellbeing, health and creativity...

Architect Millworks Ltd and Devlin Architects
Location Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Year 2019

Multi-Family Apartment Building in Alboi, Aveiro

Architect Ricardo Viera de Melo from RVDM completed this prototype box-like apartment building for families. The solid volumes in the cubic creative contours with large windows, contrast with the original surroundings, adding to its charm. The exterior Facade is made from durable and sustainable Lunawood Thermowood. The material is suitable in...

Architect Ricardo Viera de Melo - RVDM, arquitectos Lda
Location Aveiro, Portugal
Year 2019
Photos Ivo Tavares Studio Photography

Cotswolds Distillery in the United Kingdom

Outstanding natural spirits call for natural Thermowood interior cladding at its premises. Cotswolds Distillery near Shipston-on-Stour was certainly not far off in their search. The distillery chose for Lunawood Thermowood to clad their interior ceiling with an ecological and durable material. Lunawood Thermowood interior meets EU consumer safety, and advocates...

Architect Chiltern Construction & Design , MDG Architects
Location Shipston-on-Stour, UK
Year 2019
Photos Chiltern Construction & Design

Gustavelund Hotel

Gustavelund Hotel's role is to accommodate their customers by providing meeting, hotel and restaurant services. To provide successful meetings for their guests, the hotel opted for Lunawood Thermowood TWPC Composite and Solar Shades to deliver an unforgettable experience. The silver grey Thermowood TWPC Composite gives the location a sense of...

Location Tuusila, Finland
Year 2019
Photos Sami Tirkkonen