Multi-Family Apartment Building in Alboi, Aveiro

Architect Ricardo Viera de Melo from RVDM completed this prototype box-like apartment building for families. The solid volumes in the cubic creative contours with large windows, contrast with the original surroundings, adding to its charm. The exterior Facade is made from durable and sustainable Lunawood Thermowood. The material is suitable in...

Architect Ricardo Viera de Melo - RVDM, arquitectos Lda
Location Aveiro, Portugal
Year 2019
Photos Ivo Tavares Studio Photography


The Urània Villa is a municipal facility in the District of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. It hosts a healthy and natural family space for children from 0 to 3 years old and their families, a children's house for children from 4 to 12 years old and a civic center that offers workshops...

Architect SUMO Arquitectes
Location Barcelona, Spain
Year 2019
Photos Aitor Estévez Olaizola

Project Ö

Project Ö is based on an island in the archipelago of Finland. It was bought by a husband and wife - team designing and building a unique spot from scratch, for themselves to escape. The search for the location itself took five years. The couple’s aim was to find a...

Architect Aleksi Hautamäki and Milla Selkimäki
Location Finland
Year 2019
Photos Aleksi Hautamäki

Voyage Belek Golf & Spa

This hotel in Belek depicts the holiday approach with a brand new concept and renovated design. Voyage Belek, as part of one of the biggest hotel chains in Turkey, embraces the comfort of Lunawood's Thermowood solar shades, and silver grey thermowood composite TWPC. Lunawood Thermowood Composite TWPC holds its own...

Location Belek, Turkey
Year 2019
Photos Lunawood

Hotel Kaktus in Barcelona, Spain

These type of rooms in Hotel Kaktus are called Suite Calma. The rooms are located in one of the quietest corners of the premises. Based on this location, the choice was obvious to create large suites where the main protagonist is CALM. The rooms were designed to balance a space...

Architect Byko + Maria Gelpí
Location Barcelona, Spain
Year 2019

Forum Braga

This contemporary meetings and events venue in northern Portugal has a clean-cut facade finished with Lunawood  Thermowood solar shades. The design makes a statement on the use of sustainable Thermowood, while keeping the venue cool in a Mediterranean environment.   Luna SHP 42x68 Luna SHP 42x42  

Architect Barbosa and guimarães architects
Location Braga, Portugal
Year 2018
Photos Tiago Casanova