Our Employees

For some it’s all about working with sustainable wood product, for others it’s the international work environment. In our multicultural team, everyone has different reasons that make their work special.
This is how our employees feel the importance of their own work and what motivates them the most.

Susanna Walther Area Manager Lunawood

Susanna Walther, Area Manager

I’m really proud that I get to work with an ecological Finnish product, which is also valued by our customers. I am happy that I have helpful and professional colleagues and together we support each other. We are a global company which brings interest and versatility to my job. Developing the co-operation with the architects is something new for me and therefore very rewarding.

Vesa Virtanen

Vesa Virtanen, Production Worker

As a Production Worker my job is to ensure the Thermoprocess and the flow of energy production processes, so my work is challenging and very versatile. It is always nice to come to work, because there are reliable colleagues around. Lunawood is a company that grows and invests heavily, which is very inspirational.

Niina Heino Lunawood

Niina Heino, Sales Assistant

Before as a Trainee I was able to learn a lot of wood industry and international trade from my professional colleagues. I like Lunawood’s brand and modern product, so work is motivational to me. We have a good team where I can always get support and help. Our clients abroad and in Finland also make my work meaningful.