Thermowood Fixings

Thermowood Fixings –  Quick and easy hidden fixing solutions

At Lunawood, innovation has inspired every one of our durability outdoor products, right down to our efficient installation techniques and tools.
Just like Thermowood decking, Thermowood Fixings are an ecological solution for durable outdoor and environmental construction. Crafted from a special plastic, Thermowood Fixing solution applies impact-resistant, easy-to-use hidden fixing clips to help keep the decking boards intact.
From the beginning, Lunawood has been committed to create a low-maintenance, high-performance outdoor retreat that can handle outdoor use in a variety of climates.

Паттайя, Таиланд


Пятизвездочный отель Настил Lunawood

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Здание: Хонкаталот Освещение Lunawood и TWPC, наружные профили Lunawood

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Skjulskäret, Finland

Project Ö (RU)

Project Ö is based on an island in the archipelago of Finland. It was bought by a husband and wife - team designing and building a unique spot from scratch, for themselves to escape. The search for the location itself took five years. The couple’s aim was to find a...

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