The Chapel’s located in the rural area of S. Pedro de Avioso Portugal. The sleek line Chapel stands out for its constructive lightness. It’s elevated from the garden and paved areas around it by a concrete structure, which is inspired by the religious ascension, also underlined by the night lighting on its foundation.
The exterior is coated with Thermowood 42×68 mm profiles, applied vertically and fixed to the cover slabs and floor by a metallic structure, in addition of being interconnected with each other by stainless steel rods, equally spaced, that ensures its stability. The way the exterior Thermowood is applied, is a tribute to the traditional agricultural granaries, typical of this territory. The gap between the Thermowood profiles allows the interior light to penetrate the building and the interior light to shine, at the same time creating an efficient shading of the polycarbonate panels of the exterior walls, avoiding overheating. Regarding to the chapel’s entrance, the only access door, large and fully coated with Corten steel, it full fills the building chromatic uniformity, in harmony with the wood and concrete.
Regarding to the Chapel’s interior, the use of the wood predominates in the floors and wall cladding panels. The use of wood in the interior improves the thermal and acoustic performance of the building. The aim to use Thermowood was to create pleasant feeling and to achieve balance in the interior together with colder materials such as concrete and polycarbonate.

Architect Susana Carvalho
Location S. Pedro de Avioso, Portugal
Year 2018
Photos Fábio Silva, Banema

Urban Furniture VDNH Park Moscow

The sky is the limit. This is especially true for Lunawood Thermowood.  The end uses of Lunawood Thermowood are close to infinite. Moscow's harsh winters and hot summers are no match against the natural qualities, incomparable strength and durability of Lunawood Thermowood. Thermowood's natural yet bacteria-repellent properties and Punto Design'...

Architect Punto Design
Location Moscow, Russia
Year 2019

Private Apartment in South Africa

Much like trees providing shade and shelter, this private apartment in South Africa is equipped with the strength of trees: rooted in the South-African wilderness yet fortified and harnessed with Luna SHP solar shades and Luna SHP Profix 2 decking. Thermowood withstands the harsh elements of the southern hemisphere like no other...

Architect Ruben Reddy Architects
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Year 2019
Photos NPP

Porto Aqua Pavilion

The new water research center in northern Portugal has complete turned around in terms of what it looked like before. The new Pavilion of the Water awakens curiosity through engaging games. Its characteristics are drawing on the strong connection of the Portuguese culture to rivers and the sea. Just as...

Architect A. BURMESTER Arquitectos
Location Porto, Portugal
Year 2019
Photos Tiago Casanova
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