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We know what kind of a positive impact a close connection to nature can have on our lives. That is why sustainability is not just a chapter in our story, but the very core. Everything we do, we strive to do as sustainably as possible. Sustainability runs through the whole supply chain and in our products for decades.

Innovation and sustainability play an important role in our strategy. All of this is made possible by a socially responsible corporate culture with an emphasis on safety. As a result, Lunawood can become a calming oasis in the midst of skyscrapers, a beautiful effect wall in a home or office space or individual battens with eye-catching aesthetic details. And we accomplish it sustainably. That is our story. And that story is true.

Sustainability in action at Lunawood

Sustainable development is at the heart Lunawood’s operations, from the sourcing of raw materials to responsible Thermowood production and end products. An equal work environment guarantees our team the best conditions to serve our customers with genuine passion and commitment.

We are proudly committed to Global Compact and the initiative’s ten principles concerning human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption.

To open up the areas of our business from the point of sustainability we communicate openly about our sourcing, production and products and about Lunawood Missionaries, who are important part oft the conducting sustainability in everyday actions. For the growth and development of our company we have been actively investing in all the three production units. Our latest investments in Iisalmi and Kaskinen have been targeted at increasing the thermo-treatment capacity and developing our sticking and stacking plants and packaging process. In addition to Thermo-treatment we are professionals in planing. Our modern planing line in Iisalmi is suitable for various end-product segments and profiles and we are able to meet the needs and special requests of our customers.

Sustainably sourced material

We at Lunawood are committed to buy raw material only from the well managed forests which are harvested in a legal manner and where the regeneration is ensured. We are in the frontline fighting against illegal harvesting and the over-consumption of tropical species from the rainforests, since our Lunawood Thermowood product can be used as a substitute for these materials on decorative surfaces anywhere in the world.

Ecological processing and outcome

Lunawood is a pioneer and an expert in modern wood modification by enhancing the wood´s natural properties, while respecting and preserving the environment in the thermal modification process. Nordic Lunawood Thermowood® is a natural material produced with heat and steam only – and without chemicals. We produce trademarked products with a patented and annually audited process.

Prolonged and safe life cycle

Lunawood has minimal environmental impact compared to non-renewable materials, chemically treated wood and tropical hardwoods. The thermal modification process gives Lunawood a natural weather resistance for all climatic conditions without harmful chemicals.

Lunawood Missionaries

At Lunawood, the organisational hierarchy is low, and we work in close, well-led teams. We have a good team spirit, which we cherish carefully. We appreciate versatile expertise and do not accept any discrimination or harassment. We have equality at Lunawood. Our people can influence their own work and we are extremely passionate and proud to see the results of our work come to life in astonishing architectural projects around the world.

Safety at work and good working conditions are our top priority. We believe that safety is built on the right attitude, and it must strongly be in our mindset in every task of our daily work. We develop safety together, report all safety hazards and work without delay to minimise all work-related risks. We invest in improving safety. We train our personnel in safety matters regularly and monitor safety development.


OUR COMMITMENT: Passionate missionaries in a safe workplace.

Sustainability Report

Read our Sustainability Report

Future steps

Sustainability is our way of doing business. It is never ready but digs step by step even deeper in our corporate culture. We see already certain future steps to guide us to the new level of sustainable business. These themes are:

— Environmental and management system

— Increase of the use of renewable energy


— Sustainable partnership

— R&D

— Safety in focus point

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