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Lunawood’s 3D claddings are designed to give the wall or ceiling a three dimensional, contemporary appearance with easy installation.  Lunawood products can be also used to decorate the inner walls and ceilings. The seven premium 3D profiles are suitable for all climate conditions, as the each product is made from thermally modified Nordic wood. Thanks to the tongue and grooved profile, the 3D claddings are quick and easy to install. They enable a final result resembling a batten-surface much faster compared to installing individual battens.

3D Cladding Products

A balance of luxury living and sustainability

The Golf Village in Brazil

Situated in Riviera de São Lourenço, on the coast of São Paulo, a project designed by Studio Mariana Crego aims to embody the perfect harmony between human life and nature. With the intent to secure the AQUA-HQE Certification, the project had to comply with 200 distinct requirements.
As a result, responsibility and superior quality took precedence in the material selection process. The final, impressive detail in these houses is the beautifully finished ceilings featuring Lunawood’s Luna Triple panel.

Dental Practice in Marostica

Marostica is a village in the Vicenza province, northeast of Italy. The small village surprises us with a dental practice that has a unique, contemporary architecture. The warm brown Lunawood Thermowood blends perfectly with dark steel, white concrete, and oriental-style green spaces. Luna Triple cladding, fitted vertically, graces the lower facade, creating a batten-like appearance marked by round knots of Nordic Spruce.

Want to bring a touch of Nordic forest to your project?
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