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Lunawood is pleased to offer AIA accredited virtual trainings and Lunch & Learn sessions for professionals to deepen their knowledge. Our AIA trainings empower architects and specifiers to enhance their timber expertise by providing valuable insights into Lunawood ThermoWood® and its patented production process. The course also offers guidance on best practices for the successful use of  ThermoWood® in architecture and landscaping.

These free events, which are not sales-oriented, can be scheduled throughout the year at your convenience. Lunawood’s virtual courses are available to all professionals throughout the year. Lunch & Learn sessions availability varies by state. Please fill out the form below and we will arrange the most suitable training for you.

Nordic Lunawood ThermoWood® Course

Length: 60 Min. (45-minute presentation + Q&A session)
Learning Credit Units: 1 LU, HSW (Health, Safety, and Welfare)

In this introductory-level course, you will learn about the manufacturing and use of ThermoWood®. First developed and patented in Finland, ThermoWood® has become an increasingly popular choice in architectural projects around the world, particularly due to its weather resistance properties, dimensional stability, and life cycle longevity. Manufactured using only heat and steam, and no chemicals, ThermoWood® products are a long-lasting alternative to tropical hardwood and carbon-intensive building products. ThermoWood® offers a sustainably sourced solution for projects in all climates and weather conditions across the world.

The Learning Objectives (LOs) are:

  • To learn about the patented manufacturing process of ThermoWood®
  • To learn about the sustainability benefits of using ThermoWood®
  • To understand the natural greying and weathering process of ThermoWood®
  • To learn and understand installation best practices by analyzing projects around the world

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