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Modern and efficient Lunawood production units as well as our highly professional personnel are the most important features in ensuring the continuously stable quality of Lunawood Thermowood. Lunawood has two modern Thermowood production units and a wide network of professional sub-contractors in Finland. At our mills, headquarters in Lahti and in the our main export countries, we employ a total of 136 professionals.

Lunawood Mills

Our plants are located in Kaskinen and Iisalmi, where the annual production capacity of our units reaches approximately 160,000 m3. All our mills meet the latest production standards and are KOMO and PEFC ™ certified.

To enable the growth and development of our company, we have actively invested in all three production units. Our latest investments in Iisalmi and Kaskinen have been focused on increasing heat treatment capacity and developing label and sticking and stacking plants and the packaging process. In addition to Thermo-treatment, we are professionals in planing. Our modern planing line in Iisalmi is suitable for various end product groups and profiles and we are able to meet the needs and special needs of our customers.

Certified wood sourcing

The high quality of Lunawood Thermowood begins from the raw materials. The main wood species used are PEFC certified Scandinavian pine and spruce. Only sound knotted heartwood originated from the top log of the pine is suitable with similar requirements for spruce.

Production units

Soinlahti in Iisalmi

Iisalmi mill is the world’s largest and most modern thermo treatment plant. In addition to Thermo Timber Iisalmi mill is concentrated also on planed goods and Lunawood Thermowood Composite (TWPC) production.

Capacity m3/year:
90 000
Sawn timber and planed goods

Lunawood Thermowood production in Iisalmi mill


Kaskinen mill was acquired in June 2016. With it’s own bio heating plant it is ecological and practically emission-free. Outsourced planing and surface treatment processes as well as the deep-water port are located at the same site.

Capacity m3/year:
70 000
Sawn timber, planed goods and surface treated goods

Lunawood's Kaskinen mill


Head Office

“Our mission is to offer people the connection between urban environments and nature”

Arto Halonen, CEO Lunawood

Lunawood is headquartered in Lahti, southern Finland. Members of our marketing, sales, financial administration and management team work at our headquarters. It is part of our work culture that our office workers travel a lot between our mills and our customers.

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