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Project Ö Skjulskäret, Finland , 2019
Bosc d’en Pep Ferrer, Spain Formentera, Spain, 2017
Casa Montaña Spain, 2016
Four Houses Penafiel, Portugal, 2014
Appartment building, Els Brisoleis Teià, Maresme, Spain, 2019
Kernave, single-family house Kernave, Lithuania, 2020
57 Waterberg in South Africa Pretoria, South Africa, 2021
The Golf Village, Brazil Riviera de São Lourenço, Brazil, 2021
Lohjan Saarenta Lohja, Finland, 2021
House Sensu Lohja, Finland, 2021
Urban Barnyard House in Victoria Victoria, Australia, 2017
Sassen Residence, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa, 2019
Ca l’Amo, Spain Ibiza, Spain, 2017
B Home Avilés, Spain, 2015
Honorary Consulate of Finland in Cape Town Stonehurst Mountain Estate, Cape Town, South Africa, 2019
EV House in Portugal Portugal, 2019-2020
Albie’s barn, South Africa South Africa, Pretoria, 2020
Private villa in Giruliai, Lithuania Giruliai, Lithuania, 2018
Residential Houses in Vilnius Vilnius, Lithuania, 2018
Private House Lithuania Lithuania, 2016
Fonte House in Portugal Gafanha da Encarnação, Portugal, 2016
Shear House Korea, 2016
RV House Gaia, Portugal, 2015
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