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Malmö Shelters in Spain

Several trips to Scandinavia provided inspiration for a new way of using space, where personal space is being combined with the environment. A more sustainable way of working and concern for life in nature were also influencing the birth of the project. Malmö Ingenieros designed a simple "space" that is...

Architect Malmö Ingenieros
Location Spain
Year 2021
Photos Malmö Ingenieros

Modern Beach House in Tasmania, Australia

Lunawood Thermowood is lightweight material due to its manufacturing process. That allows the material to be used in modular construction like this Tasmanian beach house with spectacular views! Also with harsh Australian climate, it is quite important to choose the material that is durable. And with Lunawood Thermowood Facade, it...

Architect Modulus Studio
Location Tasmania, Australia
Year 2020
Photos Modulus Studio

Kokhta-Mitarbi Resort in Georgia

Kokhta-Mitarbi Resort is located in beautiful mountain scenery near the Black Sea in the city of Tbilisi in Georgia. Resort includes a hotel complex and residential apartments together at the foot of a mountain in a diverse climate. Hence, the climate has all of the four seasons, durable Lunawood Thermowood...

Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Year 2020
Photos Kokhta-Mitarbi Resort

1032 Foz Housing Apartment building

Located in Porto in Foz do Douro, 1032 Foz Housing with 19 apartments stands out from its surroundings and brings a breathe of nature to the cityscape. The building has an East / West orientation and is inserted in an urban area in consolidation next to the Atlantic Ocean. The...

Architect dEMM arquitectura
Location Porto, Portugal
Year 2020
Photos FG+SG | Architectural Photography

Villa E Kamchatka, Russia

Lunawood Thermowood in beautiful mountain scenery in Kamchatka, Russia. Large Lunawood Thermowood facades compined with decking, sidewalks and ceilings, creates seamless flow to this private villa. The play with different widths on the facade makes rhythmical effect for vertical installation. Modern architecture and Lunawood Thermowood works perfectly together, don't you...

Architect Gikalo Kuptsov Architects
Location Kamchatka, Russia
Year 2019
Photos Ilia Ivanov

Albie’s barn, South Africa

Mathews + Associates Architects has designed a distinctive, sculptural Flemish barn-inspired home in an Irene Estate in South Africa. The simplified archetypal form of the barn – reinterpreted in contemporary materials, dark metal cladding, light Lunawood Thermowood screens, raw off-shutter concrete and sleek refined detailing – provides a kind of...

Architect MAAA architects
Location South Africa, Pretoria
Year 2020
Photos Elcon Projects

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