Lunawood ThermoWood®, an outstanding choice for wooden bathroom panels, offers the perfect combination of durability and natural aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal material for spas and saunas. This chemical-free Lunawood panel is highly resistant to the hot and humid conditions typical in bathroom environments.  Its durability and stability ensures longevity in decorative walls and ceilings. The golden brown color and visible knots of the wood contribute to a sophisticated and natural look, enhancing the overall appeal of the panels. The functional benefits and natural beauty of Lunawood make it a prime choice for creating luxurious spa and sauna facilities in a sustainable manner. Additionally, its versatility extends to furniture, such as sauna benches, demonstrating its suitability beyond just walls and ceilings.

Spa and Sauna projects

  • Bathroom and Sauna panels

    When seeking for a natural wooden bathroom panel or a safe wood for sauna, Lunawood ThermoWood® panels bring a modern look and a pleasant atmosphere. All panel products are resin-free and non-toxic, making them safe to use. The thermal modification process gives Lunawood panels a beautiful and uniform golden brown color. If desired, the panels can also be tinted to the desired shade using products suitable for thermally modified wood.
    Take a look at our wide range of bathroom and sauna panels on our website!

Tools for your design

Lunawood Design Tools are available for architects and designers for Lunawood’s Nordic thermally modified wood products. Lunawood Design Tools consist of 3D BIM objects for ArchiCAD and Revit and Rendering images. All these are free of charge.

Product Samples

Feel the calmig effect of Lunawood Thermowood.

Digital Design Tools

Create realistic visualizations with our BIM objects and rendering images
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