Fire Retardant Lunawood ThermoWood®

Lunawood offers several premium ThermoWood® products with impregnated BurnBlock® fire protection. The fire-retardant treatment enables the use of Lunawood ThermoWood® in buildings requiring a fire class B rating. Thanks to its non-toxic composition, Lunawood ThermoWood® with BurnBlock® fire-retardant treatment is also suitable for indoor applications, such as wall and ceiling panels, providing reliable fire protection.

Lunawood ThermoWood® meets the required fire class B

Lunawood ThermoWood® meets the required fire class B

The use of Lunawood in versatile projects with fire class requirements is subject to Euro code EN 13501. Processed with the pressure impregnation method, Lunawood Thermowood meets the required fire class B for facade structures. This further expands the possibilities of using Lunawood in sustainable architecture.

The used technology and method for fire protection is a documented, CE-marked treatment process which enables a consistent quality of fire protection. Planed, flat tongue & groove Lunawood products achieve fire class B-s1, d0, while 3D-Lunawood products are tested to meet fire class B-s2, d0.
For outdoor use, the minimum requirement for Reaction to Fire is B-s2, d0. For indoor use, it is B-s1, d0.

The same visual appearance with enhanced fire class

The same visual appearance with enhanced fire class

Throughout impregnated fire protection does not affect neither the visual appearance nor the original technical properties of Lunawood Thermowood. The surface of the fire retardant Lunawood turns gray under the influence of UV radiation, just like untreated Lunawood. This enables a natural gray end result for the project.
The fire retardant treatment is durable in all climates. Lunawood offers also painted fire retardant products conducted by a CE-certified painter partner.

Discover the mos frequently asked questions and answers about fire retardant Lunawood from the link below.

Painted Finishes for an Instant Grey or Black Look

Painted Finishes for an Instant Grey or Black Look

For those projects where a uniform shade of grey is desired from the outset, Lunawood provides options in mid-grey and light grey. The grey surface treatment on Lunawood subtly fades over time due to weather exposure, revealing the naturally greyed wood beneath. Importantly, the fire protection properties are maintained throughout the product’s lifespan. In addition to the grey surface treatment, the black painted, fire-retardant Lunawood products offer a bold, sophisticated choice for modern facades. Lunawood’s fire-retardant and surface-treated products have CE certification.

The maintenance of fire-retardant and painted Lunawood ThermoWood® varies depending on location, but the fire protection treatment itself does not require renewal. Lunawood’s fire-retardant painted solutions are intended for outdoor use only.

Learn more from our Q&A page.

Fire protection for flat tongue & groove products - B-s1,d0

The fire retardant treatment can be done for all flat Lunawood panels with a minimum thickness of 19 mm. Below is a list of products for which we offer fire protected in fire class B-s1,d0:

Luna UTS 19×117
Luna UTV 19×117/140
Luna TGV 19×140
Luna UYLS 20×140
Luna Layer 19×142/188 Brushed
Luna Vivo 19×188
Luna Panel System 19×68
Luna Panel System 19×117
Luna Panel System 19×165
Luna Panel System 26×92
Luna Panel System 42×68
Luna Pure Hidden Nailing 20×142
Luna Trim Hidden Nailing 20×142

Fire protection for 3D products - B-s2,d0

The fire retardant treatment is available also for some 3D products in fire class B-s2,d0, and thus these are for exterior use only. Below is a list of these products.

Luna Triple 32×140
Luna Dual 26×142
Luna Femma 26×142
Luna Trio 26×92
Luna Duple 32×140
Luna Duo 32×140
Luna Aalto 32×142

Declaration of performance

Download the Certificates for more information

Declaration of performance (Nordic Spruce)

for fire protected ThermoWood® Cladding and Paneling

Declaration of performance (Scots pine)

for fire protected ThermoWood® Cladding and Paneling

Declaration of performance for 3D products (Nordic spruce)

for thermally modified 3D Cladding
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