Sustainability is not just a chapter in our story, but the very core. Sustainable development is at the heart of Lunawood’s operations, from the sourcing of raw materials to responsible Thermowood production and end products. An equal work environment guarantees our team the best conditions to serve our customers with genuine passion and commitment.

Our Wood
from certified, Nordic suppliers
Manufacturing Process
toxins or chemicals, only heat and steam
Carbon Storage
our products absorb five times more carbon is released than during their production
Carbon Footprint
kg CO2 eq/m3, noticeably small carbon footprint
Wood from renewable Nordic Forests

100% of our raw material comes from certified suppliers

Produced sustainably without chemicals

Chemical-free production and continuous improvement of sustainability aspects

Long-lasting products
  • Long-lasting design with 30-year lifespan (BRE)
  • Remarkably low carbon footprint
World class sustainable company

Low-carbon road map in action

Nordic way of working and doing business

Zero work accidents and long, reliable partnerships are our main goal

Sustainability Report 2023

Our Sustainability Report describes our social, safety and environmental performance in 2023 and significant events for us during the year towards carbon neutrality.

Our Ambitious Climate Goals

Lunawood ThermoWood® products can store up to five times more carbon than is emitted in the production process. For us, however, this is not enough – our ambition goes even higher.

Lunawood has set itself two climate-related goals:

42 % less emissions by 2030 from 2021 levels (Near-term target validated by the SBti)

Carbon neutrality in our own operations  by 2035  (scope 1 and 2)

Our major scope 1 and 2 emissions are related to heat production and the electricity we purchase.

We are committed to The United Nation´s Global Compact

Lunawood is fully committed to The United Nation´s Global Compact Initiative and the initiative’s ten principles concerning human rights, labour rights, environment, and anti-corruption.
Lunawood’s sustainability goals are in line with these globally acknowledged principles.

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