Wood from renewable
Nordic forests

We are committed to buying raw materials only from well-managed forests that are harvested in a legal manner and where regeneration is ensured. Therefore Lunawood’s raw materials come from well-managed, sustainable Nordic forests. In Finland, only 75% of the annual growth of the trees is cut, and whenever one tree is cut, four new seedlings are planted. That means the forests are grow every year.

PEFC certified Nordic timber

We purchase PEFC-certified Nordic pine and spruce from certified sawmills. Lunawood’s chain-of-custody certification provides independently verified assurance that our certified forest-based materials originate from sustainably managed forests. It complements the PEFC-sustainable forest management certification, which ensures that forests are managed in line with challenging environmental, social and economic re­quirements.

– Passed in 1886, the Finnish Forestry Act is one of the oldest forest laws in the world.

– Finland’s forests grow 108 million m3 each year and the total drain from forests is 83.5 million m3every year, which means the forests grow at a faster rate than they are used.

– Each felled tree is replaced with four seedlings in the forest. In Finland, an average of 150 million tree seedlings are planted every year.

– Our raw material resources are located close to our mills. The average transportation distance of the raw materials to our mills is only 235 km in order to keep the CO2 emissions minimal

Third Party Code of Conduct

Lunawood’s Third-Party Code of Conduct is based on the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative. Our corporate responsibility work is developed holistically, taking the entire supply chain into account. This allows us to ensure that the products our customers receive have been produced and delivered sustainably.

Metsä Fibre & Lunawood – Made of Nordic Timber

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