Since 2001 Lunawood has delivered the calming effect of
Nordic Forest with ThermoWood®

Lunawood is the global market leader in ThermoWood®, and it is no coincidence. We have grown to be a pioneer in the development of ThermoWood® products for 20 years. Courage, passion, design and love for the Nordic forest combine the story of Lunawood and the themes of this anniversary year.
The words above are significant in Lunawood’s story. They combine the past and the future, and they represent an attitude that has helped Lunawood build growth that will stand the test of time.

But do you know the whole Lunawood story?
A story 
which springs from the forest and is very true in all respects.  

We have chosen 20 words to guide you through our 20 years in business. We will open the backgrounds and content of these words and invite you to celebrate our anniversary with us. 

20 years of passion for ThermoWood®

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