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We have solid trust in our sustainable, yet versatile Lunawood Thermowood. Our future looks bright and we are ready to accelerate change for the better with you.


“I would like to start to congratulate Lunawood on celebrating 20 year as a company. Turning 20 is a big thing and marks a landmark in aging. When humans come into their twenties, it marks and end of the trying period of adolescence and truly stepping into the world of adults. You leave the insecure years of a searching teenager behind and you step into adulthood and the period that creates the foundation for most of your life.

I see that Lunawood is about to take the same step. Going from technology development in the early years to a period of focus on volume growth to now reaching a stage where Lunawood stands on its own legs fully trusting the power of the sustainable products, the refined a reliable production technology all embodied and supported by the Lunawood brand.


And as all young adults Lunawood as a company has dreams that needs to be pursued and has now reached a level of maturity where we jointly can truly realize these dreams. We all want to spread the fascinating products of Lunawood, so many more people can enjoy the care free feeling of natural wood both outdoors and indoors. We want to make our contribution in the global efforts of making the world a much more sustainable place. We want to continue to grow and let the Lunawood products travel to all parts and corners of the world.


During my fairly short time with Lunawood it has been so exciting to watch the commitment and enthusiasm among all employees and how they take on one challenge after the other. Both the tough ones such as fires and pandemics but also the more fun challenges of introducing Lunawood products, expanding to new markets and continuously adding more products and expand production capacity.


As for all humans the period between 20 and 30 are the years when so much of the future is crafted and designed. Lunawood is in every aspect very well equipped to take on the challenges that lies ahead but also with the excitement and uncertainty around how tomorrow and the coming days shall be tackled and how all of the knowledge and experience shall be used to make the very best future possible.


I am glad to be part of Lunawood for this decisive period in the Company’s development. The coming years will be focused on developing the Lunawood product range, supporting our partners to grow the Lunawood business in existing and new geographies and finally we will focus on  continues work on making Lunawood even more sustainable.


From what I have seen so far, how well Lunawood as a company and individual employees adopt to challenges and continuously evolve into a better and more refined version of themselves, I am certain Lunawood will continue to thrive and reach goals set out and I am happy to see that we have so many of our Partners, Customers and Suppliers as companions on this journey.


I would like to end by paraphrasing Alvar Aalto, the world famous Finnish architect: The ultimate goal of Lunawood…is to create a paradise. Every house, every product made out of Lunawood… should be a fruit of our endeavour to build an earthly paradise for people.”


Daniel Winberg, Chairman of the Board, Oy Lunawood Ltd

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