Thermowood CPD Course

Deepen your timber knowledge in our CPD accredited course

Lunawood offers a RIBA and SAIA accredited CPD Course for professionals looking to deepen their knowledge. Our CPD training empower architects and specifiers to enhance their timber expertise by providing valuable insights into ThermoWood® and its patented production process. The Course also offers guidance on best practices for the successful use of Lunawood Thermowood  in architecture and landscaping.

The duration of the training is 1 hour and it is free of charge.

RIBA Accredited CPD Course

Our RIBA accredited CPD Course provides a comprehensive exploration of Lunawood ThermoWood® and its patented production process. The training covers the most relevant features of thermowood in architectural applications and offers essential guidance for the correct installation. Additionally, the training provides insights into the natural greying process of thermally modified wood.
The duration of the training is 1 hour, and it is available flexibly online.

Lunawood’s CPD Training is delivered by Product & Design Manager, Matias Laaksonen. Matias possesses an excellent understanding of utilizing Lunawood ThermoWood® in architecture and has closely collaborated with numerous architects, especially in the UK.

Not a member of RIBA? You can also book the training directly by email [email protected]

SAIA Accredited CPD Course in South Africa

Lunawood ThermoWood® is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for architectural projects in South Africa. When planning a project to withstand South Africa’s evolving climate, a thorough understanding of the wood material and correct installation are essential to ensure the project’s longevity. Lunawood’s CPD training course is available in South Africa, specifically in the Cape Town and Johannesburg areas. The course is conducted on-site by Lunawood’s local partner, Mspec.

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