Love – Our heart beats for the Nordic forest

Love – Our heart beats for the Nordic forest. We love the forest, its untamed freedom and its incomparable strength.


As a Nordic company, our people are used to having nature within arm´s reach. We know what kind of a positive impact a close connection to nature can have on our lives.


We want to share our genuine Love for the Forest since we experience the forest as a versatile and inspirational source for the quality of our life: quiet and stress-relieving, yet seasonally changing and full of life. We have a high respect for the Nordic Pines and Spruces that set their roots deep into the soil and grow strong despite the harsh Nordic weather conditions. That is the reason why we think that Nordic forest and wood symbolize endurance and sustainability at their best. And that is how our Thermowood products draw strength from the sustainably maintained and certified Nordic forests. The forest keeps us rooted to the past, present and the future. That is why our slogan is Love for the Forest.


We believe that sustainability stems from the forest and that wood is a versatile source for inspiration – just like Nordic seasons with their long, cold, dark winters and short, intense summers bathed in light.

Lunawood - Love for the Forest


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