Passion – We are an amazing team of Lunawood Ambassadors with a real passion for our work that is also experienced by our stakeholders

Lunawood is like a well-managed forest – a diverse and thriving ecosystem that flourishes and sprouts new innovations. Our mission is to be a fertile breeding ground that creates the best conditions for the sustainable growth of our company and our people.

Lunawood employs 125 professionals in Finland at production plants in Iisalmi, Kaskinen and Joensuu as well as at Lahti head office and main export markets. Working at Lunawood is based on trust and respect for others. We are proud of our premium, world-class products and are passionate about our work as Thermowood ambassadors.

In our work culture, we want to nurture things that strengthen our cooperation and create a sustainable foundation for the growth of our operations. These things are:


Love for the professionals

We value our highly professional and dedicated employees that enable us to produce world’s best Thermowood

Love for the responsibility

In everything we do, we aim to act the most environmental conscious way

Love for the innovation

Our relatively young company culture enables us to be innovative and challenge ourselves in our professional career


We can say that our SCM Coordinator Saara Kettunen has followed and been part of the story of Lunawood Thermowood from the very beginning. Her father, co-founder of the Lunawood, Olavi Kärkkäinen guided and inspirated her since little girl. Saara really knows what she is talking about and her the way of talking involves proud and passion.

True stories of Iisalmi - Saara Kettunen


Our factories’ top professionals in sourcing, production and logistics produce the world’s purest, sustainable and highest quality luxury, Lunawood Thermowood. Our sales, marketing and customer service professionals, in turn, can proudly do their job. Our partners around the world have said that our way of speaking, acting and serving is full of enthusiasm that catches on.

Job satisfaction at the high level

In last year’s 2020 employee survey, Lunawood employees said they are proud of the company’s products and success. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) – was 20, which is clearly higher than the average for Finnish companies. The goals of one’s own work are known, and the positive development of the work atmosphere continues. We have a passion for work and, in accordance with our values, we make results together.

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