The 9 most loved Lunawood projects of 2020

In 2020, we have witnessed an increasing number of innovative projects that bring out the versatility and aesthetics of wood in a whole new way. During the year, the architects all around the world have paid great attention to design sustainable and safe living environments. To our delight, Lunawood Thermowood has been selected to play an important role in several masterpieces that have inspired many architects and designers too. With these 9 projects, we want to highlight the most impressive Lunawood Thermowood projects, that have achieved your likes on social media.

The projects beautifully show, that the architects have found innovative ways to leverage the dimensional stability and haptic properties of Lunawood Thermowood, reconnecting nature with urban people.

The list includes everything from modern private residences to a ridge roofed nursery and a kindergarden to a ‘amphitheatre inspired’ winery.

We hope you’ll enjoy it and find inspiration for your own design!

1. EV-House, Portugal

Artspazios Group
Photo: Fernando Guerra FG+SG

This carefully designed bedroom invites you to sleep a good night’s sleep surrounded by stress-relieving Lunawood Thermowood. The beautiful interior, which skillfully combines wood with artificial materials, communicates well with the outdoor space as well.

Learn more about EV-House

2. Project Ö, Finland

Aleksi Hautamäki and Milla Selkimäki

Project Ö, is based on an island in the archipelago of Finland. The two, Lunawood Thermowood featured, cabins are just 70m² in total. All individual spaces have been designed to be as compact as they can without compromising the functionality and comfort.

Learn more about Project Ö

3. Skibby Bornehus Kindergarden, Denmark

Nordic – Office of Architecture

The safety and naturality of the used materials are the key elements in ‘Skibby Børnehus Kindergarden’. It gathers three kindergarten into one and is featured with sustainable and toxic-free Lunawood Thermowood facade.

Learn more about Skibby Bornehus

4. Film House Pasaka, Lithuania

Audrius Ambrasas Architects
Photo: Joana Suslavičiūtė

A visit to the movies can be an experience right from the building itself. The facade, decking and roof of this beautiful cinema are featured with Lunawood Battens.

Learn more about Film House Pasaka

5. Humletorp, Sweden

Anders Holmberg

The play of Lunawood cladding profiles and battens creates a beautiful 3D surface on the facade. Beautiful butterfly shaped knots give natural look for this contemporary house.

Learn more about Humletorp


6. Coastal Haus, Australia

This Scandinavian architecture inspired private house, with a scope to be flexible in presentation and function, is designed keeping the relaxed lifestyle in mind. Lunawood Thermowood with its unique properties meets the requirements.

Learn more about Coastal Haus

7. Bosc D’en Pep Ferrer, Spain

Marià Castelló Martínez

Sustainable and naturally weathered Lunawood Thermowood matches perfectly together with the large rocks carved from the ground. Lunawood Thermowood Facade weathers naturally over time into a silver-grey patina.

Learn more about Bosc D’en Pep Ferrer

8. Honorary Consulate of Finland, South Africa

Adler Price Architects / M.A.R.K. Arkkitehtitoimisto Mäntylä Oy, Seppo Mäntylä

This luxurious private residence is featured with Luna Triple Shadow panels on the ceiling, that extends beautifully to the terrace. The climate in South Africa requires high performance for construction materials.

Learn more about the Honorary Consulate, South Africa

9. Lahofer Winery, Czech Republic

Chybik + Kristof Architects & Urban Designers
Photo: Alexandra Timpau, Alex Shoots Buildings

This modern winery has a beautiful arched roof that mimics the surrounding vineyards. Lunawood Thermowood is featured in facade and roof/decking due to its stability, aesthetics, and haptic properties.

Learn more about Lahofer Winery

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