Aihio Arkkitehdit, Piia Viitanen and Antti Hakala
Turku, Finland
Lunawood / Wellu Hämäläinen

Turku’s new modern university building, Aurum, is located in the cultural environment area of ​​medieval Turku. Aurum is an impressive project in which contemporary architecture respects the history of the area also with its sustainable material choices. The curved Lunawood Thermowood entrance, which also continues through the atrium space, is an eye-catching gem of the entire block.

The same Lunawood profile continues from the entrance to the atrium. The curved shape of the wall creates an interesting contrast to the old.
Aurum was a old building which needed

The eye-catcher at Aurum’s entrance is the streamlined Lunawood Thermowood upholstery, with its upward-curving shape that creates an impressive and natural look to the space. The horizontal slats continue seamlessly from the exterior entrance to the seven-story interior Atrium space.

Aihio Architects wanted to use genuine materials at Aurum so that the characteristics of the materials come out nicely and create their own atmosphere in the space. Three materials with different properties; silky and partly rugged concrete; transparent glass and natural Lunawood thermowood, create a strong dialogue.

Sustainability and consideration of ecological values have also been an important factor in the selection of the project’s wood material. Thermowood was brought to the forefront of the building’s look in a new modern way. As Lunawood is a sustainable material through it’s life cycle, it supports the values of the University of Turku and its position as a responsible leader in society.

The Lunawood Thermowood wood works in Aurum were carried out by Raision Puusepät.  They collected the Aurum project final numbers:

> Thermowood batten wall over 1800m³

> Total amount of battens 7270pcs with the total length over 18000m

> Over 1000 unique battens in the entrance double curved wall

> Steel profiles over 200m

> Handrails over 800m

Behind the Design - Aurum


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