EV House in Portugal

Artspazios Group
Fernando Guerra FG+SG

A downward topography gesture facing west, contemplating the valley underlined by the mountain on the horizon. That’s the scenario in which this project emerges, in a sequence of overlaid volumes insuperable in its monolithic character, but still permeable within, defining exterior spaces intrinsic to the indoor space.  The concept guideline revolves around the pre-existing frame whose geometry was homogenized in a single mass only to be opened in a thin vertical gap, highlighting the entrance. This verticality is also found in the living room unfolding into an uninterrupted indoor height though the floors. This allows for the living room to be contemplated from the study and guest room both upstairs. This main structure is embraced by another volume containing the main suite connected to exterior spaces, at both ends, such as a covered dining area towards east and a chill out area facing West built around a bonfire. The whole composition culminates in a longitudinal concrete platform whose swimming pool and water mirror shelter the garage on the floor below.”


Sustainable and natural Lunawood Thermowood creates beautiful harmony between artificial and natural materials. As today’s architecture favours large window surfaces through which interior and exterior spaces communicate with each other and enable us to live in harmony with our surroundings. Lunawood Thermowood can function as a connector that literally brings the nature in.

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