Identity – A distinctive world-class brand

Identity – Lunawood is a world-class brand with a distinctive identity that communicates sustainable inspiration and well-being.

Steve Forbes once said: “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” At Lunawood we are proud that we have invested a lot during past four to five in building up a world-class sustainable brand.

You might remember the “Proven Endurance” brand from year 2013. It was based on technical properties, and the facts that are relevant also now, but we know that we have much more to offer. We made a brand renewal in 2017 with main slogan of “Love for the Forest”. This brand emphasizes softer values.

Lunawood brand exude today responsibility, quality, and pride in what we do. That was the main message of the speech of Maija Masalin, our VP Marketing and Product Management, at the Lunawood 20th anniversary celebrations. See the highlights on the video below (click the logo).

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