Nordic DNA – a pillar for our sustainable identity

Our vision is to be a world-class sustainable company – not only within our business, but also beyond it. That means we look beyond the industry we function in and aim to be one of the most sustainably minded companies.

The Nordic culture is the defining pillar of Lunawood’s identity as a company. Sustainability is part of the Nordic DNA. The Nordic mindset, culture and lifestyle have a lot to offer us and our stakeholders, whether it is the impact of the Nordic society or the local legislation emphasizing sustainable business practices. The region has a long tradition of paying attention to the environmental, social, and responsible governance aspects of business and working together to develop common solutions to common challenges.

The Nordic welfare model is based on non-corrupt governance, democracy, equal value and opportunities for everyone, respect for human rights, justice, and promotion of health and wellbeing. These characteristics are an integral part of Lunawood’s corporate culture and are highlighted in how we work within our company and with our stakeholders.

Our approach to sustainability

Fostering diversity on all levels

Fostering diversity on all levels

We believe that companies with an inclusive culture are stronger and more sustainable.

That means we want to have everyone onboard by communicating openly and involving our people in decision-making throughout our organization. We foster diversity on all levels because we believe that a versatile combination of experience, age, talent, and gender helps us to adapt as circumstances evolve around us. We encourage individuality, treating everyone with fairness and respect, and not tolerating abuse, discrimination, harassment, or threats of any kind in or outside the workplace. We foster a sense of belonging that encourages our people to perform better in the long run.

Safety belongs to everyone

Safety belongs to everyone

The main emphasis of our safety culture is achieving the goal of zero work accidents.

We can reach that goal through active safety detection and a systematic management system. In practice, that means we thoroughly investigate all accidents and discuss safety issues in all our monthly meetings. Safety observations have been incorporated into Lunawood’s annual goals, and we encourage everyone to make them. As part of our sustainability strategy, Lunawood takes a comprehensive approach to safety, also covering everyone visiting our offices and production facilitiesThat is why we also encourage all our visitors to actively make safety observations. We are also committed to maintaining the overall level of cleanliness in the work environment. Observing the cleanliness and safety of the work environment is incorporated as part of our daily routines.

Building long partnerships

Building long partnerships

At Lunawood, we focus on building a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

That is why we are committed to our purpose-led vision of becoming the global market leader and forerunner in sustainable decorative wood applications. We see it as the main building block for our sustainable strategy and as a strong statement to all customers we work with along the way.

We believe longevity and trust are the key elements in building sustainable customer relationships. It all comes down to having customers who share the same values and a common vision of sustainability with us. In turn, in all our encounters we respect different cultures with their different features and customs.

We are committed to The United Nation´s Global Compact

Lunawood is fully committed to the United Nation´s Global Compact Initiative and the initiative’s ten principles concerning human rights, labour rights, environment, and anti-corruption.
Lunawood’s sustainability goals are in line with these globally acknowledged principles.

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