We are committed to Sustainable Development Goal 13 of the UN Global Compact: “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.”

We want to be a world-class sustainable company with a focus on responsible ways of doing business. That means defining a low-carbon road map for our business and paying attention to and reporting on, for instance, the following actions:

– constant monitoring of the impacts of our business on the environment

– plans for a transition to 100% renewable energy sources

– addressing the carbon footprint of our products

– introducing a carbon offsetting scheme in logistics


The carbon footprint of Lunawood's ThermoWood®

In addition to taking into account the environmental impacts of our own activities, the product, Lunawood Thermowood, itself has a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions.

Our raw material comes from Finnish forests, which sequester carbon as they grow, acting as carbon sinks.

The carbon footprint of Lunawood’s planed ThermoWood® is 117 kg CO2e/m3 (Lunawood EPD). Lunawood’s products store five times the amount of carbon dioxide from the air compared to the CO2 emissions released during their production.

The excellent carbon footprint of our products offers our customers the opportunity to curb their construction emissions and replace their non-renewable materials. The long life cycle of Lunawood Thermowood enables our materials to act as a carbon storage from one generation to the next. This is how we contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of construction.

Nordic DNA – a pillar of our sustainable identity

Our vision is to be a world-class sustainable company – not only within our business, but also beyond it. That means we look beyond the industry we function in and aim to be one of the most sustainably minded companies.

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