Long lasting products
– Nordic design

With our products, born from Nordic nature, we build a more beautiful and healthier living environment for future generations.

Our products have an expected service life of 30 years* in exterior cladding when official installation guidelines have been followed during construction. This long service life enables our products to act as a carbon storage from one generation to the next. Lunawood products offer a more sustainable base for architecture, construction and design compared to non-renewable materials and tropical hardwoods.


* Study: Building Research Establishment Limited (BRE)

Long-lasting wood with small carbon footprint

The environmental efficiency of Lunawood Thermowood is remarkably positive. The carbon footprint of Lunawood Thermowood is 117 kg CO2 eq/m3. Compared to non-renewable construction materials, tropical hardwoods and chemically modified woods, Lunawood’s carbon footprint (cradle to gate) is noticeably smaller.

Lunawood ThermoWood® is the ideal foundation for eco-friendly, healthy construction. Building Research Establishment Limited (BRE) has concluded that the expected service life of LunaThermo-D used for exterior cladding and decking is 30 years.
Furthermore, Lunawood products capture CO2 from the atmosphere 5 times more than the emissions generated during their production, as stated in our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

The long service life of Lunawood products, combined with their ability to sequester carbon, allows them to serve as a carbon storage from one generation to the next.

The carbon footprint of Lunawood Thermowood is noticeably smaller compared to chemically modified wood and non-renewable materials.

Wood supports well-being and health

Research is confirming what many of us have noticed in our daily life – nature and the use of natural materials is good for us. Studies show that incorporating wood into our buildings can reduce stress and contribute to good mental health. When surrounded by wood materials, a person’s heart rate and blood pressure are lower compared to when surrounded by non-renewable materials. Therefore, bringing nature indoors through wood materials can have a positive impact on our health.

Studies also show that wood materials have a positive effect on indoor air quality. Thanks to thermal modification, Lunawood Thermowood products are clean, safe, and hygienic for indoor use, even for allergy sufferers who are prone to reactions caused by other wood materials. Lunawood Thermowood’s total emissions are significantly lower than untreated wood.

The TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) of Thermowood is 0.04 mg/m²h. For comparison, untreated pine has a TVOC of 1 mg/m²h.

Timeless Nordic design

Each Lunawood product is a combination of authentic Nordic nature and design, created to remain beautiful for decades. We are inspired by minimal and user-oriented Nordic design. With the help of our product families, we enable architects and designers to combine our products as creatively as possible.
Lunawood Collection contains versatile, selected tongue-and-groove profiles for cladding and paneling, battens for decorative wood structures and surfaces, and decking boards. Lunawood Collection is designed and developed in Finland in cooperation with international professionals.

Thanks to our premium raw material and chemical-free processing, the appearance of our products is impressive, rustic, and natural, with versatile surface textures. The Nordic pine and spruce, with healthy knots, create a natural and vivid look in Lunawood Thermowood. As natural as they are, our products do not require any surface treatment if natural graying is desired.

Certified quality

Lunawood is proud to hold a number of certifications and accreditations as proof of its commitment to responsible and sustainable business.  The Thermowood® trademark is a guarantee of the certified quality of products and operations.  BRE [Building Research Establishment Limited] concludes that the expected service life of Lunawood Thermowood used for exterior cladding and decking will be 30 years when following the manufacturer’s guidance and best practice principles of construction. The in­ternational KOMO certificate confirms that Lunawood products meet the quality requirements set for their biological durability and production.


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