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Lunawood products are thermally modified using only natural methods, heat and steam. Thermal modification significantly improves the wood’s properties throughout the wood, thereby expanding the range of applications in which the wood can be used. Lunawood Thermowood is most known for its dimensional stability, durability and sustainable nature. It doesn’t require surface coating even in the most challenging climate conditions, which makes it an ecological choice throughout its life cycle.

Product Properties

Dimensionally stable

Significantly improved dimensional stability. Lunawood retains its original shape better than untreated wood.

Low maintenance

Lunawood does not require surface treatment in any climate. When left untreated, it gradually develops a beautiful silver colour.

For all climates

Proven to work well, even in the most challenging climates. Does not react to changes in humidity.


Lunawood on decorative surfaces increases comfort and improves wellbeing. The physiological and psychological effects of wood on humans are undeniable.

Certified quality

Patented non-toxic production method for producing ThermoWood®. Continuous quality control audited by a third party to ensure a long life cycle.

Pleasant features

Delight to all of the senses: feel, appearance and scent are sophisticated yet natural.

Sustainable throughout

Certified Nordic raw materialfrom nearby forests. Lunawood acts as a carbon storage and is 100% recyclable.

Pure material

Truly natural product with no chemicals. No harmful indoor air emissions or resin leakage, even at the highest temperatures.


Designed and made in Finland. The Nordic approach extends to architecture and the way we do business.

Sourced from sustainable Nordic forests

We only use Nordic PEFC-certified wood in our Thermowood production that is sorted in accordance with our specific and strict requirements. The high and even quality of our production is based on a logistics chain that is carefully managed from forest to final product. Together with our suppliers, we select and use only the best wood for our production in terms of type and quality. When using Lunawood, you can always be sure that the raw material is from a renewable and well-managed Nordic forest.

Good to know about Lunawood Thermowood

Treatment class

LunaThermo-D, where D stands for durability, has a darker brown tone. Its durability and stability are improved significantly. LunaThermo-D is thermally modified at 212ºC and is suitable for internal and external applications without the need for chemical preservative treatment. LunaThermo-D is also suitable for humid spaces like spa and sauna.


The dimensions of planed Lunawood Thermowood are 19, 26, 32 and 42 mm thick and 92, 117, 140, 165 and 185 mm wide. The minimum thickness in facade profiles is 19 mm. In decking profiles the minimum thickness is 26 mm. Lunawood Thermo timber is available as standard in thicknesses 25, 32, 38, 50 mm. Standard widths 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 mm.

Dimensional stability

Lowered equilibrium moisture content of Lunawood Thermowood makes it dimensionally stable and the material retains its shape far better than untreated wood. The outstanding dimensional stability allows Lunawood to be successfully used in all climates and even in hot and humid weather conditions indoors and outdoors.

Use class

LunaThermo-D is suitable for Use class 3 (BS EN 335) applications, “situations in which the wood is above ground and exposed to the weather (particularly rain)” It is suitable for use as cladding facades, rainscreen, decking and many other external applications. Lunawood is not recommended for use in direct contact with the ground.


LunaThermo-D is classified as durability class 2 (BS EN 350) “durable” and carries a Building Research Establishment (BRE) endorsement stating an expected service life of 30 years when used as cladding and decking. Durability and color is consistent throughout the piece.

Termite resistancy

Lunawood is not termite resistant. Lunawood can be treated with specialist termite chemical treatments.


LunaThermo-D will not leach colour. Minor release of the color pigment is possible during the first rains and in humid spaces like sauna and spa.

Fire rating

Lunawood has D4 rating which means it same as any natural timber. Lunawood will accept standard fire retardant treatments in the same way as unmodified timber.


Processing does not affect the unique performance properties of Lunawood, as it is modified throughout. Planing Lunawood gives its surface a superior quality. The planing machine should be adjusted as if machining a hardwood and the planing speed is less than with unmodified softwoods. Care should be taken with the feed roller set up and pressures to avoid cracking the boards. Sanding may not be needed with Lunawood as quality of the planed surface is so good. Sawing Lunawood is just as easy as sawing ordinary wood. Wear dust mask and eye protection when machining the Lunawood.

Using side

Our pine products have heart side as using side due to its better durability. Pine’s heartwood grain properties reducing de-lamination. Pine’s visual outlook is more clear because of knot spacing. Due to straight grain structure of spruce it reduces de-lamination and thus it used as SAP (sapwood) as using side. The long live-knotted section of the stem enables wider dimensions.


Always use stainless steel fastenings when installing Lunawood. Always leave enough space around Lunawood to secure sufficient air ventilation. For detailed information on fixings please refer to the Lunawood installation guide: The joist spacings for 26 mm decking should be a maximum of 450 mm centres, and 600 mm centres for 40mm thick decking. For facade application the batten spacings should be 600 mm centres. Pre-drill the screw holes when the mounting is less than 70 mm from the end of the profile. This avoids the risk of cracks during installation. All profiles are suitable for vertical and horizontal installation. However there are few limitations on vertical installation. For example overlapping and bevelled profiles are only suitable for horizontal installation.


Gluing of Lunawood Thermowood is possible. However, the gluing and compression time may be 4–6 times longer compared to unmodified wood. Good results can be achieved with most common adhesives, but PUR glue gives the best performance according to test results.

Wearing over time

Like all timber products LunaThermo-D will go grey upon exposure to UV, and in time may show some fine cracks or splits on the surface. The graying effect will be visible in a relatively short period of time, 3 to 6 months after installation. It is recommended to apply an oil or approved wood coating to help preserve and maintain the original appearance.

Surface coatings

Lunawood will accept most good quality proprietary surface coatings that are suitable for unmodified wood. Lunawood can be treated with tinted or pigmented wood oil, wax, wood-protecting stain, varnish or paint – which contains a UV-filter – which helps retain the surface color. The surface treatment can be applied either before or immediately after installation using only a thin coat.


Lunawood is durable and does not require maintenance to withstand time. However, regular maintenance is recommended to keep the original appearance and avoid small cracks and splits over time. The surface treatment should be renewed as necessary. The need for re-treating varies depending on the climate, amount of usage and the degree of exposure to UV-light. To refresh the surface completely it is possible to wash the surface of discolored timber, allow to dry thoroughly and re-coat. Care should be taken to apply only sufficient water pressure to remove the discoloured surface and not to raise the grain of the timber.

Transportation and storage

Lunawood Thermowood should be carefully transported and stored horizontally in a manner consistent with other high-quality decorative wood materials. Store Lunawood Thermowood horizontally on bearers at least 75 mm off the ground. Lunawood Thermowood profiles and accessories must be kept clean dry, under cover and out of the weather. Avoid exposure to UV-light as Lunawood Thermowood will turn to silver grey if exposure. Store Lunawood in its original packaging or
completely and tightly covered under a UV-protective wrap during installation phase to avoid graying of the surface and the formation of shade differences.


Extra care must be taken during handling and installation so as not to damage the factory finish of the boards. Therefore, sorting of the boards should be done with support from both ends or the middle. The same care must be taken during transfer. Lunawood has a uniform color throughout the profile. Even small dents and scratches are not visible, and the surface can be sanded if necessary – and the product still has a beautiful original shade.

Waste disposal

Dispose off-cuts in the same manner as untreated wood. Lunawood Thermowood can be burned like untreated wood.

Raw material certification

Lunawood is PEFC certified and uses only trees from well managed and re-planted Forest areas of Northern Finland.

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