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Nordic Lunawood ThermoWood® is an ideal wood for furniture in designs where sustainability and chemical-free properties are valued. Its natural appearance and resilience against environmental factors, such as moisture and temperature changes, make Lunawood an appealing solution for furniture. Thermally modified Lunawood requires minimal maintenance, making it a functional choice for modern living. The natural appearance of Lunawood, with its golden brown color and visible knots, adds a touch of natural elegance to furniture. Its Nordic origin and commitment to eco-friendly practices make Lunawood a top choice for those seeking sustainable and authentic wood for furniture.

  • Sustainable wood for furniture: Lunawood ThermoWood® Battens

    Lunawood ThermoWood® battens, from PEFC-certified Nordic pine, are a versatile solution when seeking an authentic wood for furniture. These completely chemical-free profiles are light and easy to work with. Thanks to the thermal modification process, the Lunawood battens retain their original shape even outdoors and do not necessarily require surface treatment. Our selection includes several different batten sizes in different lengths, which helps in finding a suitable product.


    Photo: Vaarnii


Lunawood is a beautiful and functional wood material for indoor and outdoor furniture. Here are a few inspiring examples of implementations.

Tools for your design

Lunawood Design Tools are available for architects and designers for Lunawood’s Nordic thermally modified wood products. Lunawood Design Tools consist of 3D BIM objects for ArchiCAD and Revit and Rendering images. All these are free of charge.

Product samples

Feel the calmig effect of Lunawood Thermowood.

Digital design tools

Create realistic visualizations with our BIM objects and rendering images
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