Luna Panel System Product Family - Lunawood

The Luna Panel System product family enables creative and long-lasting wooden surfaces in all climates. These panels, crafted from Nordic Pine using only heat and steam, provide a sustainable option for facades, interior walls and ceilings, and other decorative applications. Luna Panel System products stand out for their dimensional stability and low maintenance requirements.

With the flexibility to combine different profile sizes, Luna Panel System is an excellent choice for those seeking to infuse their design with creativity and beauty.

Luna Panel System Products

Functionality and Elegance

Project Archipelago featuring Luna Panel System

The Project Ö is one of the most beloved and rewarded Lunawood projects of all time. The architect’s goal was to find a suitable and environmentally friendly wood material for the project that could withstand harsh weather while complementing the modern, minimalistic design. The Luna Panel System was chosen and proved to be the perfect solution, delivering a flawless outcome.

Nordic Elegance

The Talo Pukkila Family Home in Naantali

Talo Pukkila, a cost-efficient family home, was showcased at the Housing Fair 2022 in Naantali, Finland. This dwelling beautifully merges natural elements with luxury, particularly evident in the enduring surface materials such as Lunawood Thermowood, a highlight in the enticing spa area.

Want to bring a touch of Nordic forest to your project?
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